One-to-one session

June 5, 2021/8:00 am - June 8, 2021/5:00 pm UTC+0

Blackchurch Rock

I was very well looked after on my February 2017 trip to the snow covered mountains. The team were helpful and welcoming and certainly had all the knowledge, skills and experience needed, to get me to the right locations

Phillip George

I was with them and it was nice. They knew a lot and had good food. They took me to the mountains. It was something very beautiful

Petru Craciunoiu Jr

I can’t sing, I can paint and I can’t write how I feel, so all I have left is a photo to express my feelings. I did not decide to be a photographer, I happened to fall into this world. Yes, in this wonderful world that I discovered step by step with a crazy, weird and casual “gang” for starters, but in essence a team of professionals who each know what to do at any time and in any location. The so-called gang is called Adventure Photo Team which is actually a wonderful TEAM that helps you, teaches you, entertains you and last but not least opens your appetite for beauty whether we are talking about nature or photographic art. than a sincere THANK YOU for the moments spent together for the magical places we captured with the retina or the camera lens for beautiful stories, lessons learned, related friendships, the magic of the mountains Sureanu, Retezat, Latoritei and Parang all this means Aventure Photo Team If you really want to discover and explore to learn come with us and you will live a unique experience .Life is like a very good black and white photo: you have white, you have black and you have a multitude of other shades among them, let’s discover the shades together !!

Thank you !

Florin Cazan

Every time I was with the Adventure Photo Team I had unique tours. We were with them in the villages of the Foresters’ Land to discover traditions that are in danger of being lost or in the Apuseni or Şureanu mountains, to charge us with the energy of a world that hangs forever. Each time I was able to combine two passions: the love for the mountains and for the people who keep the traditions, on the one hand and, on the other hand, the passion for photography. To all this is added something new: the stories. One way or another we live in the world of stories. Our images hide stories from our photographer’s soul.
I knew the Adventure Photo Team as people who like to travel. Our friends and new projects connected us. And last but not least, we told the photographer’s stories about the places we discover

Grigore Roibu artist.A.FIAP

A year and a few days ago I was in the first photo camp with Adventure Photo Team, followed by another and another and another and another and …… we look forward to the next ones no matter where, in Șureanu, Retezat or another location. We photographed, we learned, we joked, we had fun and we don’t stop.

I hope to see you soon (at a spicy Gulas made in a cauldron).

Sandu Filep