The idea

Customizing your training comes from the need for customers to have photography training as efficient as possible in a relatively short time.

With the photo tours created by Adventure Photo Team, you can learn shooting techniques, photo composition techniques as well as various tips and tricks on how to use the photographic equipment you own.


Because all these one-to-one photo tours are customized according to your skills and preferences, they are extremely efficient and productive. All the trainers’ attention is directed only to one or two people maximum, so the time spent practically with each participant is focused on their individual needs.

The price

The price of a training day (8 hours) is £ 175 and the cost of transport or accommodation and meals is not included.

For a single day of training, basic knowledge of image composition and camera settings and handling is included.

For those already initiated in the art of photography, a single day of training would include advanced composition techniques and other features of the camera and further photographic techniques.

For greater efficiency and a more detailed training, we recommend a minimum of 2 days with a minimum of 8 hours of one to one training.

If the student wants more than one day of training, the price drops to £ 150 / day.

The price of a day trip is valid for a radius of 50 miles around Southend on Sea and increases depending on the distance to the proposed location.

Customize your training

Your details

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